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  • Q: How do I order?
  • A: On clicking on Order Now or choosing the relevant product from the right hand side. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the office and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Q: What is the minimum order?
  • A: There is a minimum spend of £ 75 for Zone 1 and 2, a minimum of spend of £ 150 for Zone 3 and 4 and a minimum spend of £ 250 for a delivery within 50 miles radius.All minimum spend excluding VAT and Delivery Charge
  • Q: Do you deliver on Week Ends? 
  • A: Yes and on Bank Holiday too but there is a minimum spend of £ 300 excluding VAT and Delivery Charge for Sundays and Bank Holidays
  • Q: How much is delivery charge?
  • A: Depending on your location: zone 1 is £ 25, Zone 2 is £ 35, Zone 3-4 is £ 45 and for within 50 miles radius is £ 65. For other locations please contact the office
  • Q: I have an allergy or dietary requirement, do you cater for that?
  • A: off course, just let us know your requirement and we will do our best to accomodate. If you need to search our website for gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan etc, just type the dietary requirement in our search box here on the right hand side and you will see all products that are gluten free or dairy free. Give it a try, just search " gluten free " and see the results. Please refer to our Allergens Page for further infos and guidance.
  • Q: What is the capital city of Mongolia?
  • A: Ulan Bator
  • Q: What about payment?
  • A: You can pay with Paypal or any major Credit/Debit Cards except for American Express
  • Q: Can you do mix trays of Canapes?
  • A: One tray is for one item, Mix trays of Canapes tend not to travel well and can contaminate other food with allergenic ingredients
  • Q: I dont like one particular ingredient in your Canapes, can you change it?
  • A: If possible yes. Our Canapes are designed to travel in good condition and whatever change request we receive we will consider carefully
  • Q: How early or how late can you deliver?
  • A: We normally deliver at least one hour before your guests arrive but you can specify a one hour time slot on the checkout page
  • Q: How much notice do you need to prepare my order?
  • A: at least 48 hours, if you need them any earlier, please call the office on 0208 963 1465 to double check we can fulfil your last minute order
  • Q: You deliver the food in plastic trays and boxes, is it ok to dispose of or do you come and collect the next day?
  • A: We actually come and pick up boxes, trays and lids the next time we are in your area. Please be advised that every box, lids and tray that doesnt get returned there is a replacement cost of £ 25 for every complete box, £ 15 per Box alone, £ 1.15 per tray and 85p per lid.
  • Q: Why on some tray there are 25 items and on other trays there are 36? Can I chose how many pieces I want on each tray?
  • A: Some Canapes are smaller and some canapes are bigger therefore varies depending on the type of canape
  • Q: Can I use the same tray to serve the food or do I need to tranfser the canapes to another platter?
  • A: Its up to you. You can use the same trays we deliver the food on, althought are plastic trays but they look quite nice. Or if you prefer, you can use your own platters
  • Q: I dont have much Fridge space, How long can the food stay outside unrefrigerated?
  • A: Our food are freshly produced under strict HACCP rules. We advise you therefore to consume the food within 2 hours of delivery if unrefrigerated.Please make sure you book your delivery slot according to this guideline
  • Q: What about Allergens?
  • A: please refer to our Allergens Page for infos and guidance

We always add frequently asked questions to this page, if you feel we should add other questions and answers, please kindly get in touch with us and we will happy to consider any addition



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